Skill me up academy for the Microsoft Cloud

Start a new career in as a few as 20 weeks

Skill Me UP Academy is a collection of immersive training programs designed to help you learn the skills necessary to join the IT industry working on the Microsoft Cloud. No previous technology experience is necessary, just a commitment to working hard to achieve your goals to start your new career.


Why Academy?

  • No experience necessary
  • Complete within 20-24 weeks
  • Live, hands-on training with experts
  • Earn Acclaim Badges
  • Flexible Funding Options
  • Career Assistance
Build your new career on the most trusted platform: The Microsoft Cloud

How does it work?

Each program is designed to be completed with in 18-24 weeks in a live virtual environment. All you need is an internet connection and a willingness to learn. Everything else is included, such as cloud subscriptions and even a workstation and headphones to complete the training online.
Below is an example schedule for the Azure Application Developer role.

Available Career Paths

Microsoft 365 Administrator
As a Microsoft 365 Administrator you will install, monitor and support services from Microsoft 365 to enable maximum productivity for your end users. Common services include working with Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange, OneDrive and Teams.
Average Starting Salary $59,000
Classes Start in November 2020
Microsoft 365 IT Help Desk
As a Microsoft 365 IT Help Desk specialist, you will help business users successfully use and troubleshoot software deployed onto their workstations, as well as help them solve common IT problems such as issues with their devices, reset forgotten passwords, and other common problems.
Average Starting Salary $48,000
Classes Start in November 2020
Azure Application Developer
As an Azure Application Developer, you will build new software that solves business problems using the power of the Microsoft Cloud.
Average Starting Salary $70,000
Classes Start in November 2020
Azure Infrastructure Engineer
As an Azure Infrastructure Engineer, you will help deploy, manage, and troubleshoot virtual machines and virtual networks hosted in Microsoft Azure as well as the workloads that run in the virtual machines.
Average Starting Salary $80,000
Classes Start in November 2020
Azure Automation Engineer
As an Azure Automation Engineer, you will build and configure automation software to help ensure systems are operational and available.
Average Starting Salary $77,000
Classes Start in January 2021